How to Rank YouTube Videos Easily and Fast - Video SEO

"How to Rank YouTube Videos Easily and Fast - Video SEO"
How to Rank YouTube Videos Easily and Fast - Video SEO

Today i m going to Briefly explain How to Rank YouTube Videos easily and Most effective ways.I will discuss the ways to increase YouTube Ranking of any video which most of the you tubers don't know about it and that's why they are  having low rankings of their Videos on YouTube.First of all we Need to know what is SEO actually is?

What is SEO?

Seo means "SEARCH ENGINES OPTIMIZATION" .This is how search engines works. Like Google , Bing ,yahoo and all others search Engines work using algorithm which tells the Web Browser which is most relevant website or video to the Keyword user Search For..So The Websites and  Videos with Better SEO  comes on the top as compare to others.So SEO is backbone for the Websites and YouTube Videos.

So Following are the main Points Which help us to Increase Your YouTube Rankings.

1. Keyword Research :

First of all you need search good and healthy keyword for your videos.This is most important step for YouTube SEO which most of the You tubers ignore and they don't know whats the Keyword is actually is and what it's importance .so i m explaining detail how to search a keyword for better ranking.First of You need to work according to your Niche or Topic of your channel.and then search according to Your Niche.Following are the most important factors should be in mind while choosing a keyword :
  1. Keyword Must be Related to your Channel niche/topic.
  2. Target Globally or choose  USA and Europium countries for high CPC.
  3. Keyword Must be Long Tail (Minimum 3 words)
  4. Keyword Must have Low competition or if your little bit master then choose medium competition.
  5. Keyword must have good searches monthly (Minimum 10,000)   
  6. Bid Rate must be above 1$
if you want to watch the Tutorial of How to Research a Keyword than Click the Link Below :

How to Search a Keyword For Better Ranking

2. Quality Contents :

After keyword research ,the next important step is video making on your Selected Keyword.You need to make quality video in order to get ranked in you tube otherwise there is no place for for the quality content you must follow following points :
  1. Content should be original.
  2. Content should not be Copied from any site or video.
  3. Content Should be Spam free.
  4. No Nudity in Video. 
  5. Hatred free content.
  6. Must no against any religion and religion's values and cultures .
  7. Video that have been made,should be in Good Resolution.Recommended (720 p OR 1080 p)
If you want good and Easy video Editor Just Download the Below Software its full version :

3. Video Description :

it is another important factor in video rankings.most of the You tubers  just ignore it.So for better ranking in YouTube,You Must follow these steps in adding description :
  1. Description must be of 300 words.
  2. Keyword Must be Added in description (at least 2 times)
  3. Must have Social media links of your Profiles or Pages.
  4. Must have website link (Related to your keyword)

4. Video tags :

For video tags just search your keyword on YouTube and copy the tags of top 3 videos of your  related keywords and paste it on your Video.Keywords must be Long-tail and high values or Low values.

You can also download Auto tags and Description Generator From Below Link :

5. Thumbnail :

Thumbnail is another aspect of Video rankings.Your thumbnail should have following factors:
  1. Must be attractive
  2. Must be Related to your Content
  3. must be Clear and Eye catch able. 

6. Subtitles (CC) :

subtitles or CC are the most important factors after keywords in rankings because without subtitles YouTube robot doesn't know about your Video.Subtitles are the ones which tells the YouTube robots or algorithm what is the video is all about and that's why it is so important to add subtitles to your Subtitle You must add your Keyword in your subtitle and drag it to the entire video.

7.Annotations :

the Last important Factor is Annotation.You can add annotation at your own demand .weather you just add search keyword or Subscribe button of your channel,its all on you but you must add annotation to your video.You must add Keyword to your will surely helps you.

if you want the Video tutorial of  How to Rank YouTube Video ,then Click Below Link :

How to Rank a YouTube videos in Urdu/Hindi | YouTube SEO | Video SEO

If you follow these above steps, I guaranteed you that Your 3 out of 5 videos ranked in top 3 pages in YouTube.
If you have any question ,Feel free to ask in Comments section.



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