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Saturday, 3 September 2016

SEO Tutorials for Beginners Part 1 - On Page SEO

"SEO Tutorials for Beginners"
SEO Tutorials for Beginners

Today many of the Young Bloggers and You Tubers are giving up their chase of Becoming Successful because they don’t know the Basic Knowledge  of SEO which is Key of become Successful on the World of Internet. They don’t know how to create back links and On Page SEO techniques. they just create and Website and Start posting without Proper Planning and SEO techniques and as a Result their website does not get any response which dishearten them and they leave this business for Forever. They don’t have proper knowledge and any kind of guide Lines to start the Successful business on the Web.
Today many of the People earn thousands of Dollars in a month through Website or Blogs. They are successful just because they have Proper Plan and person who guide them properly.
So don’t be sad this is not the end of the world. the one who don’t know about WEBSITE SEO will surely read this article and I guaranteed you, you will surely benefited from it and took one step to First of all we need to Know what is SEO is.

What Is SEO ?

SEO stands For Search Engines Optimization.It is an algorithm or a way used by search engines to display the results of specific keyword that user searched for.Search engines have proper algorithm that they used to ranked the websites.The more the quality of content and SEO of the website is, the more the chances to be ranked in Google or other Search engines.Websites with proper SEO is ranked Easily and Fast in Google.So it important to do proper Seo for Your Website to be Ranked in Google and other Search engines.
In this course i will explain Complete SEO from Basic to Advance level and in Deep detail.
I will explain each and everything briefly and thoroughly so you will be fully benefited.

1. Think before Start:

Before stepping into the Online Field, you must know your own capability or Talent. Thing which topic is suitable on which you can Work and write Properly. It is called NICHE Selection. You must have complete and Proper Knowledge of the topic that You Choose. You must identify your Guts before start and then choose a keyword according to Your Niche and start your Work. Your Website must have cover one topic or specific topic of interest. like if You want to make website on TECHNOLOGY then there is only Technology related post in it. it Must not contain Health articles or sports article which is not related to your topic. You must stick To one Specific topic.

2. Keyword Selection:

The next step is Key word Selection. It is one of the most important steps in SEO. Without keyword you never ever will be ranked on Google and other search engines. So keyword Selection is important and necessary step. You can choose Google Keyword Planner for this Purpose or you can also Search other sites for Keywords. But I recommend you to Google Keyword Planner for Keyword Selection. Following are the Steps you can keep in mind for selecting a keyword:
·         Keyword must be Long tail
·         Keyword must have Low Competition(For Beginners)
·         Keyword must have Decent average Searches (min 10k)
·         Keyword must have high Bid Rate(min 1$)

If you want to Watch Video Tutorial about Keyword Selecting, Then click below link.

3. Website or Blog Title:

Website title should be attractive and short. Website title or name must be specific to one thing or Specific keyword. Because websites with no specific topic on title, get ignored mostly and ranked low in search engines. So Website title should be specific and according to your interest.

4. Post Title:

Post Title is very important in SEO. Title must start with your Keyword and Should Be Log tail. Title must be divided into 2 Parts:
1.       Keyword
2.       Something related to Keyword

5. Post Content:

Post content is as important as Heart in Your Body for online Successful Business. If you are good at something, you tell the world about that and Websites and Blogs are the best ways to express your Talent around the Globe. So Post content should be Original and genuine and not must be copied from any website because Google will catch it and surely your blog or website should not be ranked. So Original and Unique content of the Posts get your blog or Website ranked fast and easily. One more thing if you want to be looked professional then your content must be at least 500 words. It looked professional in the eyes of Google and you will fully benefit of ranking in search engines.

6.Meta Description :

Add Meta Description to your Website and also for Each Website will help the visitor to know little about Web Post.It also have good impression to the Google and other Search Engines.Meta Description help the Google Robot to know about the post and rank your website accordingly.