Tips for Increasing Adsence Earning

"Tips for Increasing Adsence Earning"
Tips for Increasing Adsence Earning
Today I m explaining some tips to increase your Google Adsence earning upto 100% .follow these simple steps to boost your income

Here are some easy Adsense tips that will give you great results.

  • Use Better Keywords. Effective Keywords are the bread and butter of Google Adsense earnings. ...
  • Have Proper Keyword Density.
  • Publish New Content Regularly.
  • Choose The Best Formats. 
  • Color Coordinate The Ads.
  • Position The Ads Well.
  • Don't Use Too Many Adds

Tip No. 1 : Don’t put ads on empty pages:

Yes, that’s important!
Never make AdSense ads live on the pages that are empty or low-quality ones. Sometimes, this becomes the reason behind the goodbye of AdSense.
Simply, put ads where your content lives. The pages that have quality content are eligible for Adsense. putting AdSense ads on empty or low-quality pages increases the risk level

Tip No. 2 : Don’t Apply or Use any Blackhat or similar techniques

I think you have read almost 500 words about the Adsense approval article but still below 500 more words. If you are novice or unaware from Blackhat or its techniques then its good for your Blog but if you are using any blackhat technique or something similar to this, stop applying that useless methods because it will affect your closeness to Google Adsense account. What I have notice in few years what Google Don’t like is the all techniques of Blackhat so avoid all the Blackhat methods and come again close to Google Adsense account approval.

3) Top Countries for High CPC:

There are many countries, From where you can get better CTR and CPC, But I’ve specified some countries, Where you should optimize your blog to Get High CTR and CPC, As mentioned bellow;
  • Slovenia
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Thailand
  • Philipines
  • United States
  • Australia

 Tip No.4 :

A simple way to bump up your AdSense click rate and revenue is to place ad units of more than one type (AdSense for content, link, and search) and in different sizes on your pages. This way, your users are served more ads from Google’s large ad inventory, increasing the probability that they will end up clicking on one of them.
Make sure that the best-located ad on your web page shows up first in your HTML code. This will ensure that your most visible ad real-estate is taken by ads that place the highest in the auction—increasing your revenue.
And remember to adhere to the AdSense maximum ad policy, which is up to three AdSense for content units, up to three link units, and up to two search units on each page, to avoid having your account banned.

5. CTR And Ads Positioning

CTR has a very important function in the earning of a blog because click through rate has a direct relation with money earning for blog. Positioning of your ads is also not ignorable. You can place your ads at positions where chances of clicks are rare like I think placement of ads at the start of your post and in the end of the post has a very important bonding with traffic because visitors will not ignore these two places and in the result it will give you high CTR and good Adsense earnings. But I will recommend you do not use a lot of ads.
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