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Friday, 2 September 2016

What are Search Engines ? and How Search Engines Works ?

What are Search Engines and How Search Engines Work

What are Search Engines?

Search Engines are the programs that search document for keywords, enter by the user, and returns a list of documents where the keywords were found. There are many search engines around like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. These search engines enable user to search for documents on World Wide Web (www).

How Search Engines Works?

The search engines work in the following ways:
  • ·         The search Engines use robots (also known as Spiders/crawler) to search the internet for websites.
  • ·         The Results of the Spiders travels are put in database which is than indexed based on words found and where these words were found.
  •             Then the Search Engines returns the best related content websites and displayed to the users according to the user required keyword.

What are Web Spiders?

Web spiders also known as Web Crawlers. A spider is a program that search engine uses to seek out information on the web.WEB Crawlers  is also used to index information that it finds so that actual search results appear when a search query for a keyword is entered.
The Search engines spiders “reads” the text on the web page or collection of web pages, and records any hyperlinks it finds. The search engines crawler then follows URLs, crawlers those pages and collects all the data by saving copies of the web pages into the index search engines for use by visitors. Search engines crawlers are always working, sometime to index new web pages, also to update ones that changes frequently. The goal of the Crawlers is to perpetually supply the search engine it belongs to with the most up to date material possible.

Some Common Spiders name:

1.     Google :

           Google Bot

2.     Yahoo:

                  Yahoo Slurp

3.     Bing :

                Bing  Bot

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