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Sunday, 11 December 2016

How to create Partition in Windows10 without Formatting

Today i m going to explain how to make a new Partitions in Windows 10 or even 7 without Formating the Hard Drive using Disk management Option.

Follow the Steps and Make New Drives For Your Computer or Laptops without wiping your important data.

Step 1:

  Search "Disk Management" in the Search Bar.

Step 2: 

   Now Open the Disk Managment option.You will see all of your Hard disk Information like this  :

Step 3:

Now Right Click on any Disk Drive From which you want to get free space for Your New Drive (Partitiont) and Click on Shrink Volume/Shrink in Drop down manu.

Step 4: 

 Now choose the Volume Disk Space you need for your  New Drive and Click Shrink.

Step 5:

Wait for while and then you will see new Drive with labled  UnAllocated Volume on it,that you have just created.

Step 6 :

Now Right click on Unallocated drive and choose  New Sample Volume.

Step 7:

Click Next on Severel Popup menus (Read them if you want) and thats it You have just created New Partition With the name "New Volume " without Formating full Hard drive and Save your important data From Deleting.



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