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Saturday, 31 December 2016

How to Earn Money Online from Home without any Investment | Top ways to Earn Money Online

How to Earn Money Online from Home without any Investment | Top ways to Earn Money Online

Today, you have seen many people around, who are earning online by working at home at ease. Some of them are doing this as a Part time and lots of them are doing as a full time job.We are always wondering how they Earn Online ??  The Trend of Online Earning is increasing very fast. More and more people are attracting towards this field.
The main reason behind of Growth of online earning trend  are Rapid advancement of Technology and also lake of employment for the Young Adults who finish their studies and try to find suitable job to earn their living but unfortunately they haven’t find jobs, Because the Market is condensed and People are lot many. There is thousands of People for 1 post so the 1 get job and other remain greedy.
So, the one who know about little bit of online Work, He Tends towards online Field. They start working and searching online jobs but they don’t have proper guidelines. They don’t have one who guided them to online success. So they mostly failed in online field and become heartless and depressed.
So today I’m going to share some best platforms to work online and earn handsome money. But the key is you have skills and Patience.


                     If you have skills of Writing essays and articles on different topics, then this is right place for you. There are thousands of People who need article writers for their Websites and Other Business. So if you have to just write articles of about 500-1000 words and you have been paid. They pay 2$ per article for their new users and if you are at good at your skills and become premium member then you will be Paid more than 10$ per article which is good amount.


If you have other skills like
·         Logo Design
·         Video editing
·         Photo Editing
·         Corel Draw
·         Adobe Photoshop
·         Web Designing
·         Programming Skills
·         Writing skills
·         Marketing Skills

 Freelancer is best place for the People who have these skills which are mentioned is the largest online job providing platform in the world. Thousands of people are working on this website and hundreds of companies are approaching their worker through this website. The more professional you are, the more you can earn. Other Website like Freelancer is


                             Fiver is the place for Designers. if you have designing skills like logo designing ,graphic designing  and voice over skills then fiver Is best place for you. You have to post a sample of your work on fiver with skills mentioned then the companies or people approach you for the Work. You have to offer your rate of your skills at your own. Depending type of work you are offering.

4.   Make a blog or Website

                               If you have Patience and hard working skills, then you should try your luck in Blogging. It is time demanding job and required smartness and Writing skills. There are lots of websites who are providing service for free for Blogging. They offer free domains of your choice (if available) with their sub domains attached. The Following websites are providing free Blogging services
To earn you need to apply for Google Adsence service. If it will approve Google will start showing ads on your website and you will start earning. but approving adsence on blog required hard work and some tricks. So if you do that you earn a very good amount of money.

5.   YouTube

                             In European countries teenagers turn their skills into videos and Earn through them. The Trend of Earning through YouTube is very high in these countries. People around 14 year of age have their YouTube channels and they are earning handsome amount of money. They are running their gamming channels mostly and make tutorials of what they know and spread it through the world. If you are good at something make a video and share to the world. It will not only boost your talent to the world but also give you some amount to cheer.
The key to Successful on YouTube is Skill you have. if you know something like Photoshop, logo designing or any other things you can make videos to teach other people and I guaranteed you that you will earn good amount. Girls will also earn by spreading their cooking and Fashion designing skills.

There is also many other ways to earn money but these above are genuine and no fraud at all. These ways are 100% no spam at all and will sure you can earn some good amount of money.
Hope you will like this article and will help you a lot in exploring newbie’s talent.
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Thank you! 

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