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Friday, 6 January 2017

How to Run Andriod On PC's and Laptop

How to Run Andriod On PC's and Laptop

Have you ever think that android can be used on Desktop PCs and Laptop ?
Yes, Android can be used on laptops and desktops with the help of Android-x86.


Andorid-x86 is unofficial version of Google's Android powered by Linux kernel to run on AMD and Intel based x86 processors.
It can be directly installed on hard disk or can be used for some time by using live mode.
Android x86 iso file can be download from here.There are many versions available there you can select any one of your choice.

Making Bootable USB:

After downloading iso file its time to make bootable usb which is used for installation or for testing live mode.For this this purpose we will use Rufus.
Rufus is a software use for making bootable usb of Windows and Linux OS.

Rufus can be downloaded from here

After downloading next we open Rufus to make a bootable usb

Choose the option "Create a bootable disk using" and go to the path where ISO file is placed.
After that click on start button and the rest will be done by Rufus.
Now we are ready to test the bootable usb.

Using Live Mode:

After making bootable USB when you restarts computer go to the bios setting and set the boot to usb device so when computer boots it can be used for installing or using live mode.
Majority of who don't know what is live mode i will explain it to you. Live mode is a feature of Linux operating system which means that you can check test the operating system before installing it by using majority the software present in that operating system.
Now we start boot our computer from USB you will see the blue screen which gives you many options as shown in the picture.

Choose the option "Live CD"

Live CD"

After that a Android welcome screen will appear

Android welcome screen

After this screen a screen will be shown where you set language,login to Gmail account and connect to Internet.
language,login to Gmail account and connect to Internet

After settings a Android screen will be available

Android screen

You can browse Internet,can use Play Store and can do other stuff you want.


Android x86 vary from system to system and it does not have full functionality of mobile Android so it can crash.

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